Kiropraktor Højbro ENg

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Find Us in the Heart of Copenhagen

High Level of Professionalism - in Safe Hands

We diagnose and treat pain disorders and impaired functions of the nerves, muscles and bones - also called the body's musculoskeletal system. We are members of the Danish Chiropractors' Association and authorised by the Danish Health Authority, so a referral from a doctor is not necessary. Each individual patient will encounter a high level of professionalism, quality and will be allocated ample time in our clinic.


Don't Accept Pain

Acute as well as chronic pain disorders in joints and muscles can be treated and improved. We can help, e.g. if you have an acute sports injury, or if you experience chronic pain caused by an arthritic disease. We also offer rehabilitation and place a great emphasis on prevention.

Call us at +45 33 16 13 10

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 08.00-18.00

Saturday: Open by arrangement

Phone: +45 33 16 13 10

E-mail: [email protected]