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What Symptoms, Pain Disorders and Injuries Do We Treat?

It is our ambition that you encounter a high level of professionalism in evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pain disorders or injuries to the musculoskeletal system - in a safe and compassionate setting.

Injuries and Symptoms We Can Relieve

Pain caused by unilateral work positions, e.g. desk work in front of a PC, unsuitable lifts, sports injuries, trauma, whiplash, degenerative and/or rheumatic disorders, pregnancy etc. may irritate and increase the load on joints, muscles and the nervous system of the body - i.e. the musculoskeletal system - and cause functional disorders and pain.

A Functional Disorder of the Musculoskeletal System May Affect You in Many Ways

You may e.g. experience stiffness and pain in neck, back, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips and ankles/feet. Or you may have symptoms such as tension headache, chest pain, radiating pain, dizziness and tingling/numbness in arms or legs.

A chiropractic consultation in our clinic may identify the cause of your symptoms and pain - and improve the functions of joints and muscles.

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