Kiropraktor Højbro ENg

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Thomas Skytthe Jakobsen, Chiropractor and Clinic Owner

Master in Chiropractic from Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in 1997. Continuous education courses, specifically within the area of sports injuries and functional rehabilitation.

Member of the Danish Chiropractors' Association and the Danish Association of Sports Medicine. Treasurer for the Board of the Danish Society for Chiropractics and Clinical Biomechanics (DSKKB) for 6 years. Member of the focus group in sports chiropractics in DSKKB since 2009 and one of the driving forces behind the continuous education in sports chiropractics for chiropractors.

Focus on treatment of acute and chronic problems on the musculoskeletal system. Ample

experience in diagnosis and treatment of wrist and ankle/foot problems. Instructing clients with back problems and functional complaints, focusing on stability, strength, flexibility and coordination training.

Climbing instructor for youth.


Saskia Dobrot Pauls, Chiropractor

Cand.manu. from University of Southern Denmark, graduated in 2008. Actively pursuing continuous education, especially focusing on treating children. Member of the Danish Chiropractors’ Association.

Experience from clinics and private hospital, focusing on interdisciplinary back evaluations.

Keen interest in treating pregnant women and children, both infants and older children, as chiropractic treatments in her experience can make a big difference in this patient group – often with only a few treatments.

She often uses manipulation, mobilisation techniques, muscle therapy and exercise instructions.


Anna Hallgard, Chiropractor

MSc Health Science, Clinical Biomechanics, from University of Southern Denmark in 2002. Member of the Danish Chiropractors' Association.

Treating all musculoskeletal complaints and all age groups with both acute and chronic injuries. Also treating pregnant women.

Primarily using a diversified technique to treat all joints in the body. Will also use the Activator method, which is a gentle form of treatment, trigger point treatment and muscle energy techniques. Offering individual training programmes.


Anette Haargaard, Massage Therapist

Physiurgic massage therapist with 11 years of experience. RAB approved.

6 years experience in a health care centre with a mix of treatment disciplines and cooperation with chiropractors and physiotherapists. Other skills: Reflexology, craniosacral therapy, sports acupuncture. Currently studying biopathy/naturopathy at the Institute for Biological Medicine.